Joe: The Rodge

Joe: The Rodge

Rodge here! I've suffered from miniature madness all my life! I really do love all aspects of the hobby, from painting, converting, and sculpting models to actual playing, building terrain and running tournaments. I used to stick pretty hard to warhammer but will play pretty much anything nowadays if sweet models are involved. Besides being one half of Point Hammered, I also co-run WAAAGH! Paca, the best miniature gaming event in the Midwest, and run the Wisco Horndog Youtube Channel, where I hobby horndog it up with pointless videos about my hobby world.

Q & A

Nicknames? Rodge, Podge, or Spaghetti

Favorite Beer? Newcastle Brown Ale (warm), Point Amber (cold)

Award You Are Too Ashamed To Admit Winning? The 2009 Harry Potter Erotic Fan Fiction Short Story of the Year Award

How do you know when you're too drunk? I start thinking I can punch through a sidewalk.

Why do you play war games? The chicks.

Which Bar Room Hero do you dislike the most and why? Chad Hanson. He ruined shitting in the women's bathroom for me.